Town Library Čelakovice

Městská knihovna Čelákovice

příspěvková organizace

Na Hrádku 1092
250 88 Čelákovice
tel. 326991515, 326993664
ředitelka: Naděžda Picková
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Výpůjční doba
pondělí8:30 – 11:3013 – 18
úterý13 – 18
čtvrtek8:30 – 11:3013 – 18
pátek8:30 – 11:30

Pobočky městské knihovny

V Prokopě 1349
tel. 604 505 961
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1. úterý v měsíci: 9 – 11
každý čtvrtek: 13 – 18
V Sedlčánkách
Zábranská 133
tel. 731 709 941
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Informations about the Library

The Patron of the Library is the municipality of the town Čelákovice , that has edited the Foundation Document defining the main commission of the Library – to render public library and information services.The Library is a share organization with an independent law subjectivity. By the Statutory enactment of the Foundation document there is given the Organisational order followed by a list of individual duties of the librarians. 

In congruence with the Law N. 257/2001 Sb. (Library Law). The Library is in evidence of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic as a public library under the evidential number 1194.
Rendering services of the Library for readers are defined by the Library Order. Its parts there are supplements, statutorial instructions of special conditions for rendering the Library services.

Price – list of the services

notes the prices of annual registration of the readers -
adults 150,- CZK
students and retired people 80,- CZK
children 50,- CZK

In case of infringement of the Library – law, sanction rates for reminders and losses of books. According to Library – Law, library services are renderred without charge.


Lends books for 1 month 
journals (periodical prints) for 2 weeks
Renders the reservation of lended books 
inter-library lending services
delivery of books to the centre of social care
use of internet – services for individual
selection of informations
Offers general informations 
regional informations 
  - personalities of region
  - proclamations of the municipality of the Town Čelákovice
  - Čelákovice and its region
Delivers data by computer and internet
Replies factographical questions (generally) 
bibliographical questions 
(from the information sources of the Library)
Arranges lectures, discussions and other forms of such activities

The synthetic catalogue of special literature of public libraries are to be found at:
Informations about libraries of the Czech Republic at : http://www.knihovny.cz http://www.svkkl.cz

History of Municipal Library of Čelákovice

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The Municipal Library at Čelákovice was founded as a public institution, according to the Library Act in 1920. The Library had two predecessors, libraries founded by associations or private persons. The first of them was established in 1864, but not many reports about it have been preserved till now. The second one was founded in 1884 by the then associations of the town, especially by "Občanská beseda" , a society having strong patriotic aims. It was a public library that collected about 300 books. Čelákovice have therefore a great library tradition. 

The history of our Municipal Library can be systematically traced since 1920. It was administered by a Library Committee and reports of its sessions inform us about the development of the Library. In 1930, the Library had yet about 1500 books. It was situated at the City Hall and later at the local Secondary School. During the Second World War, the Library was housed in a building in the centre of the town near by the post-office. It remaind there till 1952. The town was grewing up and the number of the readers of the Library as well. The Library became the Regional Central Library for all libraries in adjacent places. In the second half of the seventieth years of the century, the lack of space became critical. The Library used to lend 50.000 books and journals in a year and the lending was to be carried out at one library desk, common for adult and children readers. Therefore the representatives of the town decided to provide a new building for the Library in 1979. A private house was bought and its reconstruction was started in 1980. On March 1, 1983, the new Library was officially opened to the public. 

New conditions enabled the Library to offer to its readers different kinds of services from this time. Five professional librarians are members of the staff. With profound changes in the political and economical development of our land, there were changed also the conditions for the activities of the Municipal Library, first of all in the acguisition policy due to the transformations of the book trade and book fair. An independent subject of Law, there is the Library since 1992. The second branch library was opened. 

The activities of the Library has been successful till now, both thanks to good conditions created by the municipal authorities and to the enthusiasm of the Library staff. The growing interest in the library and information services demonstrate the contempment of the readers and users with the public activities of the Municipal Library. 

In 1994, there was bought the first computer for the Library. The electronic cataloguing of books into the library system LANius began. The official starting of electronic lending services took place in 2000. The Library offers electronic lending and information services. In the years 2000 to 2001, there was realized a great reconstruction of the Library building, with an immense enlargement of the department for children.

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History of the town Čelákovice

Čelákovice lies in the lowlands of the river Labe, northeastwards of Prague. The locality has been settled since the Younger Stone Age till nowadays, almost ever since. A lot of findings of clay and metal objects, tombs, instruments etc has proved it.
We have no precise news about the origin and foundation of the town. The first written document is from 1290, as Čelákovice had been sold by king Václav II (Wenceslav II) to the monastery Sedlec near Kutná Hora. Čelákovice might have had an about 200 years lasting existence in that time. In about 1300, the chapter of Sadská became owner of the town. In the second half of the 14th century, Čelákovice was owned by František Rokycanský. In that time, Čelákovice was surely a town. It is proved by the preserved „Municipal Book of Čelákovice“, one of the oldest one in the Middle-Bohemian region.
During the 15th century, there had changed a lot of feudal proprietors of the town. The last feudal owners were members of the family Krajíř z Krajku, Johanka (Joanna), her brother Kundrát and his son Arnošt (Ernest). Their rule brought improvements of living conditions to the inhabitants. In times of Krajíř’s rule, Čelákovice gained the municipal coat of arms, used up to date. All members of the Krajíř family were members of the Union of Czech Brethren, supported it, but ran the risk of malice from the king and the Catholic nobility. Later on, Ernest of Krajíř was sentenced to death for participation in the revolt of one part of the Czech nobility against the king Ferdinand I. He was granted pardon later, but parts of his property, among them Čelákovice too, were confiscated. Since 1547, Čelákovice has been named „Royal Chamber Town“. By introducing stringent orders, Čelákovice had gained „outstanding orders“, as the land-register-book from 1551, the so called „Memorial Book with the Clasp“ informed.
In the times of the rule of the Krajíř-family there was born at Čelákovice the learned representative of the Union of Czech Brethren Matěj Červenka, on February 21, 1521. He was one of the four leaders of the Union of Czech Brethren and its secretary.
The nucleus of old Čelákovice was in the neighbourhood of the stronghold and church. However, the centre was formed by the rectangular square and four streets adjacent. From the square, there started the Toušeň street, today called Stankovský street, and ended by the municipal gate. In opposite diection, there was the Mochov street, called Sedláčkova nowadays. It eneded at the present market-hall by the Mochov municipal gate. Both gates were destroyed later. Another streets, perpendicular to the mentioned ones, were the parish street, now called Kostelní (Church-street) and Rybářská (Fischer’s street), both ending on the bank of the river Labe. Čelákovice have never had municipal walls and have remained an agricultural town all the time.
Backyards were protected by wooden planks, first of all against beast of prey living in the near forests. Servile forced labor duties were insignificant.
The Hussite-wars brought no greater damages to the town, but the Thirty Year’s War, 1618 to 1648, was an immense catastrophe and damage. Fires and plundering, requiring of new and new taxes for maintenance of armies had plagued the town during the whole time of the War, almost to a complete damage. The War ended by the Peace of Westphalia in October 1648. Nevertheless, the inhabitants of Čelákovice had not been able to take a rest in safety and have had to live in poverty some more years. The stronghold had changed several owners in the meantime. Finally, the Royal chamber bought it.
The 18th century brought a new disaster to Čelákovice. In 1719 a great fire broke out by imprudence and a greater part of the town with a majority of wooden houses burnt out. For all that, the following years were a time of reconstruction and growing. The renovation of the original Romanesque church was started, the new parish house in Gothic style was created and in its neighbourhood the old school was reconstructed. In 1787, the new town ward, called Jiřina (i. e. Dahlia), was founded.
The life in the first half of the last century has not differed from those previous times. The predominant agricultural character of the town has not changed. Many inhabitants found new jobs in basket-making, that has enlarged very much since 1830. The „basket-making era“ has lasted almost 100 years and had an outstanding importance in the development of the town. For all following unpleasant events - fires in 1820, 1860 and 1865 - a bad epidemic of cholera in 1832 - all suppositions for an economic and social progress have been created.
The centre of the town has remained, from the point of view of architecture, old-fashioned. The majority of houses were covered by thatched roofs, that had supported the spreading fires. After a great fire in 1908, the old part of the town has been reconstructed quickly. The appearance of Čelákovice has used to adapt itself to novelties of the 19th century. Since 1864, there has begun the illumination of streets at night, first of all by petroleum lamps, since 1910 by electric ones. The municipal library was founded in 1864, the post-office in 1869, the telegraph in 1874 and phone in 1908. The railway to Prague was erected in 1873, to Brandýs in 1897, the gymnastic club Sokol founded in 1892, a new school was established, next to the old one, in 1889.
Čelákovice has contributed to the history of culture by its famous natives: Besides the already mentioned Matěj Červenka, there was born here Jan Zach, an outstanding composer, in 1699 and Josef Vojtěch Sedláček, the representative of the Czech national movement in 1785. The development of culture has been influenced by the writer Josef Jiří Stankovský.
A rapid growing of the number of inhabitants, during the 20th century, has been in close connection with the foundation of industrial enterprises. The agriculture municipality has continually quicker changed to an industrial one. This development can be proved by brief numbers: besides three brick-works, there were founded a factory for agricultural machines in 1903, Stabenow-works, later called Kovohutě (iron-works), Volman-works for lathes, later TOS, in 1910. In the neighbourhood of new factories, there were concentrated the constructions of new houses.
The new town-hall dates from 1911, the building of the secondary school was erected in 1910, the building of the gymnastic club (so called Sokolovna) in 1925 and the new railway-station in 1928. Very popular there have been the river bathe Grado reconstructed in 1922. Through it, the trade development of the town has been promoted very much.
At the beginning of the World War II, Čelákovice had yet 6745 inhabitants. Nowadays, the town is on an extensive territory with factories, houses and streets, with more than 10300 inhabitants.
Written by Karla Peroutková
Municipal Library at Čelákovice